Pleasant (reuse) surprises

Since March, I’ve been sewing face masks. It’s a way I can be helpful during the pandemic and put my skills to use. Mask making and online sewing research had me circling around quilting. Finally, I took the plunge and tried it for myself.

Quilting has been a positive mental break for me. I’m learning new techniques and thinking of ways I can be more sustainable with my fabric choices. After sewing a fun rainbow quilt, I ended up with scraps that I usually would have thrown away, except this morning, I thought of sewing them together to make face masks.

Turns out, they’re my favorite masks I’ve made to date! I’m glad I saved my scraps and landed on the perfect use for them.

In honor of National Reuse Day on October 20, I challenge you to reuse something you’d normally discard. Get creative and have fun!

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