My favorite (mostly free) productivity tools

Part of living a more sustainable lifestyle is making sure that the work you are doing is actually sustainable. Burnout is real and in my case, it creeps up on me. When I’m organized and letting technology help me, it’s easier to feel in control and on top of things, keeping burnout at bay.


When I was in sales, I used the email tracking feature all day but Gmelius is so much more than that. Schedule your email sends, create templates, and set alerts for yourself to follow up on emails. If you think you can’t use templates outside of sales, think again. I created templates for sending invoice copies and my expenses for approval. Gmelius launched sequences to take even more work off your plate and allows for different responses based on the actions of the recipient, as in one email response for an opened email and another follow up if the email wasn’t opened. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m excited to check it out. Of my favorite productivity tools, this is the only one I pay for. However, there is a free version and since they are adding more and more to the free version, I’m going to go that route when my subscription expires.


This is my favorite app to organize everything from large projects to my daily to-do list. Once you have projects set up, you can add images, files, notes, and subtasks The app is even more powerful when you add your coworkers to your projects. You can limit what projects your coworkers have access to in case you like to add your personal items to projects like I do. The free version has everything I need and there is an app you can download to your phone to access your projects when you’re out of the office.


An oldie but a goodie. I’m a big note taker but sometimes my phone is all that I have available. It’s easy to use and you can’t beat how accessible it is. I work from a PC but let’s me access my notes when I need them.


This is a free chrome extension that lets you enter in a goal for each day and to do items . Every time you open a new tab, you see a different beautiful image and your priority task for the day, reminding you to stay focused. It definitely keeps me from opening a tab and getting lost in a wikipedia rabbit hole.

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